Far from the Madding Crowd

travel stories  by Laura Onea


I am a dreamer, and I guess this says it… well, not all, but pretty much everything. You may, of course, associate this with idealisation, procrastination, lack of concentration or unrealistic perception. Which, yes, may be one side of the fact. But what I love about dreaming is that it invests you with such a super power to design the most creative and magical mental paintings, and sometimes, if not always, to even make them real. It gives you the freedom to genuinely feel and laugh.

Other than that, I like colours and autumn, but I guess this is a sort of pleonastic situation. I like to learn and taste. I would like to be everywhere with everyone, if not at the same time, then within a short period of time. I like the elegant and feminine 50s. If I had had a super power, other than dreaming, of course, I would have liked to travel in the past and experience a day in other peoples’ lives. This is probably a consequence of the fact that I don’t have the patience to read history books. And oh, how I love mountains and how emotional and highly enthusiastic I get when I’m in the heart of nature! I don’t usually like crowds, which can be quite confusing for some as I also enjoy meeting new people and making new friends. I like to express my thoughts and feelings through makeup and photography. I like to feed my soul by treasure hunting for far away places and people who have nice stories to tell and beautiful hearts to listen.

And I like to do most of these things through travelling. It’s my own way of getting rich, through experiences, stories and human contact. My curiosity and wanderlust bring along many fears. Most of them I am yet to overcome, but I reckon that this might be the best part of the journey.

Now that I have shared with you my informal CV, what’s the intention of this blog? Well, no specific purpose other than sharing my travel journeys, hoping they prove useful for the reader in a way determined by the reader himself. I would be happy to hear your own stories, whether they are on the same topic or something else.